Connie  |  Apr 19, 2021

Mother’s Day is only a couple of days out!

If you would like to craft something delicious and nutritious for your SUPERMUM, I have a lovely recipe for Florentines for you. They are made with yum almonds and flax seeds for healthy fibre, protein and fatty acids and delicious dark chocolate from our friends at Choba Choba for the antioxidants and pleasure factor. Very simple to make and guaranteed to give your mum the power to stay the superwoman she is!



3 tbsp smooth almond butter (or coconut butter, approx. 40g)

120 ml date sirup (or maple sirup)

2 tbsp cream (or coconut cream)

200 g flaked almonds

3 Tbsp dried cranberries, chopped in small pieces

1 tbsp ground flax seeds

1 level Tsp. freshly ground cardamom, or grated zest of 1 organic orange

¼ tsp flaky sea salt

100g vegan chocolate drops (I used the amazing ChobaChoba drops)


1.Heat up the oven to 180° C (no fan!). Line a baking tray with baking paper.

2.Put almond butter, maple syrup and butter in a medium pot and bring to a gentle boil and simmer for about a minute. Take off the heat.

3.Stir in all the dry ingredients (excluding the chocolate) until they are all coated in the maple syrup caramel.

4.For each Florentine, spoon 1 small heaped tsp of the warm mixture onto the baking tray and press flat (wet the spoon if it is sticking). Leave about 2cm space between the cookies as they will spread a bit.

5.Bake until golden, about 8 mins. Remove from the oven and immediately use a knife to tidy up the edges and press flat if needed. 

6.Melt chocolate for about 1 min in the microwave until fully melted or slowly over a water bath.

7.Using a brush, spread the melted chocolate at the bottom of each cookie or turn the edges of the cookies in the chocolate (holding it in the middle with two fingers while turning). Let cool on a grid. Place them in the fridge to set.

8.Pack them in a beautiful box fit for mother or present on a lovely plate.

Enjoy them with your mum!

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