Connie  |  Jun 30, 2019

A favorite souvenir from our family travels in Vietnam, a delicious warm weather summer recipe AND great fun to make with the whole family. I've featured this recipe at recent school and company cooking classes and it's a big hit for the play factor and fresh seasonal vegetables!

Selbst Gemachtes Summer Rollen Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls Connie's Kitchen



1. A diverse selection of fresh seasonal vegetables with raw or cooked e.g. 

-Cucumber, finely sliced
-Cabbage red, finely sliced and salt added, let soak for 10mins
-Carrots, finely sliced
-Spring onions, finely sliced rings
-Green salad, 1cm stripes
-Asparagus, sautéed, lengthwise quartered
Soy sprouts (sautéed in sesame oil).
-Avocado, 1/2cm slices

    2. Rolls:

    -Rice-Paper Sheet (Reisblätter)
    -Peanuts roughly chopped
    -Lime juice
    -Salad leaves, washed

       3. Marinated Tofu:

      -400g Tofu, cut in ½-1cm thick pieces
      -2 Tbsp Soy Sauce
      -1 Tsp chilli flakes
      -1 Tsp Sesame oil
      -2 Tbsp Connie´s Kitchen Jalapeño Ketchup 

        Marinate Tofu with other ingredients and sauté on a medium heat on all sides, about 5 mins in total.

         4. Spciy Mint-Peanut sauce:

        -75g peanuts
        -150ml coconut milk
        -½ small ripe mango
        -15g Peppermint leaves
        -½-1 tsp chili flakes
        -1 tsp sugar brown

          Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth. 


          -Soak rice leaves individually for about 10 seconds in lukewarm water and put on a humid tea-towel.

          -Pile veggies on the bottom third of the rice-leaf, add tofu, herbs, avocado and sprinkle some lime juice over it. Add some peanuts.

          -Fold the rice paper inwards from the edges and roll up tightly.

          -Put salad leaves on a platter and put the finished roll on it (this way the rolls don’t stick to the platter)

          -Half diagonally for a nice visual appeal

          -Serve with the mint peanut dip and enjoy with cold beer or a nice chilled glass of Rosé :-)

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