Connie  |  Mar 19, 2020

The next weeks will certainly be challenging, but there are some silver linings. All the togetherness will give families a great opportunity to try new activities together. Like cooking new family-friendly dishes together. This is a super simple comfort food dish and a great one to make with the kids for a family movie night: Nachos & Guacamole

nachos, ohne Zucker, selbstgemacht, homemade, connie's kitchen ketchup
Layer wholegrain tortilla chips on a wide oven-proof dish (e.g. Linthmais tortilla chips) and generously crumble grated cheddar cheese or a mild gruyere (or Vegan equivalent) over the chips and melt in the oven (grill function, about 5 mins). Watch it closely to avoid burning.
Sprinkle with lots of chopped cherry tomatoes (0.5cm cubes), roughly chopped coriander leaves, fresh mild chillies (deseeded, thinly sliced) and put a generous dollop of guacomole (will share a recipe in coming days) and creme fraiche (or vegan equivalent) in the middle of the tray.
With a teaspoon drizzle some dots of Connie’s Kitchen Jalapeno Ketchup over the chips. Serve with a few lime slices.
In the current context where double dipping is persona non grata - you could also pre-portion these into individual bowls, before pressing play!


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