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Greg  |  Feb 21, 2019

Great little article on Connie's Kitchen Ketchup in Saturday's Tages Anzeiger Newspaper...

In German but here is the English Translation:

Heinz takes one on the chin!
It’s the toughest of tests for a tomato ketchup! Put it in front of my kids with fries or any other food (they put ketchup on everything). “Why not Heinz?” is their immediate question. And then I tell them, that Connie’s Kitchen Ketchup is certified organic (Bio-Knospe). That it’s sweetened with dates, pumpkin and apples – instead of sugar. And that it doesn’t contain any preservatives. But the kids aren’t too interested in that stuff. In the end it’s the taste buds that decide. And, the verdict? My son likes it! My daughter is a bit less enthusiastic, but that is probably because if she said she liked it, it would mean she was agreeing with her brother😉


Tages Anzeiger Newspaper - Ketchup No Added Sugar



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