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Connie  |  Oct 05, 2020

Despite watching the entire series of Marie Kondo on Netflix, I really struggle to throw anything away. I get a nerdy kick from repurposing objects and giving them a new life. 

Recently I've been looking for ways to upcycle our glass Ketchup bottles and Vayo jars. 

Here's a few Autumn themed creations that are pretty simple and fun to make with the kids.

Important: Our labels come off quite easily when dry. Do not wet / soak before peeling them off. 

  • Lemonade bottle for Halloween
  • Supplies: Acrylic red paint, straw, Halloween motiv cut out of black paper, glue, hammer, screw.

    Peel the label off a glass bottle, clean and then simply paint it with red acrylic paint (it dries within 10 mins).

    Cut a pumpkin out of black paper (or stickers) and glue it onto the bottle. Hammer a thick screw or nail through the lid to make a whole for the paper straw. 

    This is a very simple craft that you can do with younger kids and get them to help preparing for a halloween or birthday party.


  • Floating Candle Jar

    Supplies: Juniper berries, Rosmary twigs, slice of lemon, water, tea light


    Put a slice of lemon, some rosemary and juniper berries (from the forest) or fresh cranberries into an empty peeled glass jar

    Add some water and a tea light and you get a pretty & good smelling candle for your lunch/ dinner  table.


  • Food jar

    Peel off the label of your glass jar, wash well and fill it with your soups, stews, nuts, dried berries… and put a lovely label on it. A great way to store foods, but also a nice little gift or a leak proof way of bringing your food to work.

    If you do give one of these a go, I'd love to see the result. Please tag @connieskitchen.ch on Instagram or Facebook


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