Connie  |  Jun 17, 2019

This is an easy and satisfying cold pasta salad! It’s basically a zesty guacamole enjoyed with pasta, some crunchy nuts like pistachios and either an egg, quickly fried tofu or fish (smoked salmon is good too). Basil and cardamom bring an additional flavor kick to the party.

Nutrition Tip: As you know, variety is the spice of life and health. That’s why its good to use different types of pasta that are made for example of spelt, beans, lentils or buckwheat instead of the usual suspect wheat. In this recipe I used buckwheat noodles (Japanese Soba) which are a great alternative as it brings more fiber and protein compared to regular white pasta.


Ingredients: (Serves 2 as a main course)


2 organic or free range eggs

100g Soba Noodles (buckwheat or other kind)

15g Koriander leaves, roughly chopped

15g Basil leaves, roughly chopped

30g Pistachio kernels, roughly chopped or pine nuts 

5 green cardamom pods

2 limes, zest of 1 and 4 tbsp juice, 2 lime slices to serve

1-2 Tbsp extra vergin olive oil

1 ripe avocado

a handfull of cherry tomatoes, halved

½ small green chilli optional

Salt to taste



 1.Cook noodles (see instructions) then drain and refresh under cold water. Drain again and let cool. Left over pasta is great too.

2. Boil Eggs: Get the water to a soft boil, add the medium eggs and boil for 6 mins (big eggs for 7 mins). Then take out and cool under cold water so that the cooking stops. Peel. The egg whites should be hard, the egg yolk runny.

2.Put cardamom pods in a pestle and mortar crush lightly so that the pods open up. Remove the shells and crush the seeds.

3.Put the cardamom seeds together with the pasta into a bowl and mix.

4.Mix all other ingredients, season to taste. You should get a distinct lime juice flavor.

5.Right before serving, mix the avocado with the noodles and serve onto plates

6.Put an egg on each plate on top of the noodles and cut in half.

7.Sprinkle with some flaky salt, and some chili flakes and sesame seeds/nigella seeds and some good olive oil. Serve with a slice of lime on the side.



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